Monday, 2 March 2015


I am so confused! I need to grow up and move up in my career. I want to quit my job at The Robbie Burns Pub. Ever since my boss Vic left, I feel as if it's gone downhill. They don't treat me like they should. They are the most lazy people I have ever worked with. On Sunday I had to work with the 2 new girls we have. Nikkita is awesome, but we got another one on Sunday. Her name is Becky and apparently she was Miss Otago. So as you could probably tell, Jarrod hired her for the looks. She is the most lazy and annoying person I have ever worked with... and I have worked with Tania. haha
Anyways, She is there for probably five minutes and ask when she finishes. Then, she was asked to do some fries, she didn't do it until I asked her again 15 minutes later! She didn't want to get her hands dirty. So that was stressful enough, Then Antony decided to come in and be nothing but a cockhead! Trying to tell me to change the music as if he ran the place. Because him and the owners son doesn't like the music I was playing. Well let me tell you something... It was better than the bullshit that you wanted me to play. I usually just give in and let him choose. But I thought, NO! That is why I get treated like shit! Because I let them. I took a stand and didn't change it! He then went home in a sooky, but WHO GIVES A SHIT!

As the night got later and everyone started to leave, me, Nikkita and Greg, he's from The Bog, decided  it would be a nice night to get wasted! We got so very drunk, to the point where Nikkita was playing the drums and Greg and I were trying to waltz and pole dance, I feel sorry for anyone who tries to watch the security footage. I was expecting to be yelled at by Jarrod for something, but I have the upper hand. He was storing weed at work in the phone box, as on Friday he smoked weed with some of the band members. So I think I am pretty safe.

I really love working there, but I hate how I get treated. I don't know what to do! What if I quit and can't find another job that is as good, or as fun, or I don't get as much freedom, or discount haha.
I feel as if I am stuck between a rock and a hard place... If someone could please tell me how to live my life... that would be great. I was thinking maybe I should find a job before I quit, but no one will hire me knowing I am going away for a month in two weeks..

KAT! I know you are probably the only one reading this so tell me what to do! haha


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