Sunday, 22 February 2015

You know what pisses me off?
It pisses my off when I get yelled at for not calling or texting someone, when I did! Then I text to see when I work next, and don't get a text back. Maybe that is why I have to ask someone else you cockhead! Why should I have to call or message when he doesn't bother to message back or answer the phone? You are supposed to be my boss, not someone who thinks he is bulletproof and if he doesn't like the question or just feels like being a wanker he doesn't answer. What kind of boss does that? It is even worse because there is only me and him that are managers, so I have no one else to call on or no one to go higher up for help that I might need. I am sick for a couple of days, but that makes me the worse person! I could come and throw up all over the bar, get a little vomit in someones drink, give it to the other people I work with so there is even less of us to work? Oh that wouldn't bother you, because that means you don't have to work. As long as you only work the days you have to that's fine. Ever heard of taking one for the team? Yeah, That's what I do for you pretty much every time we work together. When you need to do something, or take your girlfriend somewhere because she is too young to drive. Even though you should be working. I come in two hours early for my shift, feeling like crap just so you can go get KFC for dinner. Well you can kiss that goodbye. I will never do anything for you that I don't have to now! I won't be covering your shifts, I won't be coming in early, I won't run and buy you cigarettes when you are running late, I won't be hiding things from the owners that you were not supposed to buy. I am taking a stand. You can see how good I was to you, and regret it. You can see how much of a bitch I can be!
You don't message me back about if I work tomorrow or not, I won't show up!
Peace out homie!

D x

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