Sunday, 29 March 2015

It's been a while...

So it's been a while since I wrote on here, I have just been so busy with my family.
I am having an amazing time in Australia. I have caught up with some old friends, chilled with the family, made some new friends and spent my beautiful nephew's 4th birthday with him.
I went to poker on Thursday night! First time playing poker and I didn't do too bad. I didn't win but hey, it's not about winning haha. I was talking to my old friend Cara, and she asked me if I was going to stay here. I told her, that as much as I love it here, I think moving away was the best thing I have ever done! I am excited to go home. I love the person I have become over there!
On Saturday night we went out for Jess' birthday. We went to the club. Got really drunk. It was chaotic. Alex was crazy drunk. She laughed, cried and danced her ass off. She is going through a really bad time at the moment with Andrew. Don't get me wrong I love Andrew, but what he did to Alex is a dick move. No man should ever put his hands on a woman. Anyway, we ended up having a sleepover because she didn't want to go home alone. When I woke up she wasn't there, when I went looking for her she was passed out hugging the toilet. So safe to say she didn't feel 100% yesterday.
Last night I got a snapchat out of the blue from Greg. All it said was boobs? I cracked up! I miss him. Not that we are actually together or anything but he is just an awesome person. I know there is something there, but at the moment I am not sure what.

Today we are going out to the paintball range the boys made and going  riding. I can't wait. I can't even contain myself. There is something about it. Most likely the danger haha. The danger of being able to fall off at any time. Haha

Oh and the first Saturday I was here, we had major dramas! Nathan's boyfriend Steven got spiked at the club, he tried to kill himself it was crazy and the reason for doing so... Because Kaleb offered them a ride home! PATHETIC!

Well I am off to ride some bikes and probably get sunburnt!
Oh and I need to keep Alexis.



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Greg

So yesterday, while I was sitting in the middle of a pile of washing, attempting to pack, I remembered that it was Wednesday. Wednesday means that it is quiz night at work. I called Nikkita and made sure we were still going. The answer was yes, I then forgot that I invited Jeffery from the Bog to come and be in our team. So we were pretty stoked that we had an extra person, and he was quite clever too. Then, Chris told us he was too hungover to be in our team. Well that wasn't going to end well. Anyways, when we got to work Jeffery was already there waiting for us, we would have been earlier but Kita had to try and roll her first joint. Haha it was classic. So we sat down at our table and Jeff asked if Greg was coming to quiz too. I thought he was working, when Jeff said that he had the day off and he messaged him. So along came Greg. He was really friendly. He hadn't even been drinking. So I was like well, shit is going to go down tonight. Let me tell you know. I wasn't wrong. Apparently Ants said to someone that last time we were drinking there together we fucked on the bar. When we questioned him about it he sooked out and was like nah that wasn't me. So we went along with it. Every time we looked at each other you could tell we were both thinking the same thing. I was talking to him and all of a sudden he was like right, I need to fuck you on this bar right now! Get up! Well this set me off. I laughed so hard, I almost pee'd myself. That would have been awkward. Then Mischael came in to say bye to me. I didn't actually think he would gave. I text him last night and said come catch up before I go, he was like CBK which usually means nah man, I would rather do anything else. But he actually came. We all played random drinking games. I can remember talking to everyone. Like the regulars and Tom the band guy and some randoms too. I felt popular haha.
Anyway me and Kita decided we should go downstairs out the back and get high... why the fuck not? YOLO... By the time I got back upstairs, Mischael was gone, no goodbye or anything. I tried to call him and he declined my call twice! I was like sweet as. Suck a dick then.
We decided to go to town, probably not the smartest idea considering it was now 2am and I still hadn't packed a thing. So we go to the Craic. have a drink there and then Jeff got real drunk fell on to someones table and almost got into a fight. So Greg's like you come with me and Jeff you go with Kita and we will go to Pop. We didn't even get half way down the stairs and Jeff decides to fall down the rest. So we get down there and ordered some drinks. Greg went to go outside for a smoke, he asked me to go with him. I was like sweet as, I thought he didn't want to sit outside by himself. As soon as we got outside, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me we should hang out more. I was like sweet as, I don't have a problem with that. So we sat outside for a bit before everyone else came out. we just sat on the couches outside, he sat there with his arm around me and I just kinda snuggled in. It was cute, it felt so right. Then when we went inside he did the whole surprise in the toilets again. This time I thought why the hell not? It's my last day for like a month. It would be a good going away present. Totally was. When it was time to leave, we walked up the stairs, it was raining, but we just stopped at the top of the stairs. He just started kissing me. When Antony and Gary walked up the stairs I got a bit freaked so I pulled away. He grabbed my head and just kept kissing me. I was like okay this won't be awkward next time I go into work. Antony was like okay guys come on now, the guys want to close up. So we left I started to head to the taxi stand so I could go home. I gave everyone a hug and went to cross the road, then all of a sudden Greg put his hands around me and was like you should just stay at mine? I said no because I had to go to pack, and this time I had 3 hours before I needed to leave for the airport. He was like atleast let me walk you to the taxi. So I did. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the alley, wasn't a creepy alley so it wasn't that bad. He pushed me up against the wall, in the pouring rain, grabbed my arms, so hard that I have a bruise and just kissed the shit out of me. He was really passionate. It was so hot. I didn't want to leave him. Once the little 50 shades moment was over, we walked to where the taxi was and he grabbed my phone. He went into my pictures. He changed my screensavers. the lock screen is a picture of him, kita and gary, when I asked why he saved that one he was like, so if any guys look at your phone you can say, thats my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend. I was like that is the cutest. Then he said unlock it, so I did and it was the first selfie we took together. It was so cute. He then opened the cab door for me gave me a little pash and said see ya when ya get back. When I got home I got a snapchat from him saying he missed me already haha I was like creeper. haha. I got home and tried to pack, pretty sure I forgot to pack underwear and I have no idea what I packed. So it will be a little surprise when I get to Australia. I am now sitting at Christchurch airport trying my hardest to stay awake.

Till Later


Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Today was probably one of the most embarrassing days of my life!
I went into work to get my scarf that I left there from Saturday. As soon as I got in Jarrod was like Oh good old Danii. Not thinking anything about it, until he was like so you on Saturday... I was like bluff it out Danii.. But nope I am awkward... What are you talking about Jarrod? You know what I am talking about... So that made me blush, and to make it worse Antony knew. I was sitting at the end of the bar with Jaz, Jarrod's Girlfriend. We decided to do the quiz, Our quiz name was Jaz and Danii... Until Antony changed it to Danii and Greg. Which was awkward enough, Then Greg walked in, Nikkita at the top of her lungs was like Danii look who's here, and Jarrod did his awkward cough and was like well this isn't awkward... He heard everything, I couldn't even look him in the eye. It was embarrassing. He didn't give anything away though. When he left, I messaged him and asked him what he had said to Jarrod, because according to Jarrod he told him everything! he was like no idea, not even sure myself. I was like he said he was talking to you this morning and you told him everything. He replied with nah kiddo! Who the fuck calls a chick Kiddo, he's only fucking 23. I was like well thats awkward how does he know anything? He was like there's nothing to know! I know I am lame, but I am pretty sure there is something to know! Do you know how shit that made me feel??
Then one of the questions of the quiz didn't work so Ant asked what colour his undies were. Ant was like ( into the mic) No Danii we aren't all like you and loose ours downstairs. AWKWARD!

So on the way home, I felt like I was ruined, I felt like I was just some lame chick on the side. When I was at work after I got Gregs message I didnt know where to look, I didn't know what to do, was I supposed to laugh it off? So on saturday, if I go out and he's there, what do I do, do I even talk to him? I suck with guys!!! Anywways, driving home I had some sad music on and singing it at the top of my lungs. Almost had tears streaming down my face. All over some guy, who I thought was cooler than that. Why am I so God Damn Laame!! Next week things are going to change. I am going to become a completley different person. Someone who I wouldn't recognize. I am going to become a heartless bitch, that doesn't trust guys at all. I am going to walk into the pub and if he's there, not even going to say hi. If he says hi, IGNORED! It will happen. I am sick of getting my hopes up and them stomped back down. The only guy's I need inn my life are the ones who make alcohol.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Love me like you do...

So today, while I was driving around, Ellie Goulding's song Love me like you do came on. I am not even kidding, all I could think about was Greg.I have no idea why, I got butterflies in my stomach and it felt like my heart was skipping a beat. All I wanted to do was dance and scream at the top of my lungs. I felt alive! Again, no idea why! I am pretty sure he is a jerk.

Ohh and I think I am addicted to tinder. Haha. Oh and I liked greg on there but never got anything back. So I am hoping he hasn't been on, or he hasn't got to me yet... Doubt it though. Pretty sure he left swiped me! Lol.

Think I am going to go to the library tonight so I can get some study done. I don't have much time before I go away!! 9 DAYS!


Why do I fall so fast?

So at about 5.30pm tonight Nikkita and I decided it would be a good idea to go to the quiz night at the Bog. Because we find fun in it, and so I could have a little perve on Greg.

Hoping it wouldn't be awkward when we seen each other face to face, I went in and ordered our first drinks. Me being awkward, as per usual, and not making eye contact or anything. Even though he wasn't serving me. As the night went on, I went up to the bar for another Vodka. This time the same guy served me, but Greg was in the bar, when he seen me, he said hi, and all I could come out with was sup? Who the fuck does that?? That's right... ME! As we got further into the night, with a full bar of people, I squeezed my way up to get a drink, this time Greg served me. He charged me staff price, which was good because none of the other cunts were. When he handed me the drinks he was like there you go my lady. Which made me smile a bit. But little did I know, This was as good as my night was going to get. After loosing quiz to a group that left half way through, and after everyone had started to leave, some pretty blonde chick stood at the table that Greg was clearing talking to him. I thought yeah, that's cool. You know, he works at a pub, he has to be friendly to everyone. He then went to get his jacket, and the proceeded to go outside with her, I was like sweet as, probably a mate. Then as they were walking down the hallway he grabs her from behind and I am pretty sure squeezes her ass a bit too. This made me feel like a complete wanker. Like, he was drunk on the weekend, why would I think it was anything? Why, if he has a girlfriend, would he still message me and snapchat me and why would have he tried so hard on saturday night to get me?

While I was washing my hands, even though I was fuming, was I wrong to hope that the girls room door would open and it would be him? Was I wrong to hope he would pick up from where he left off on saturday? Things obviously weren't that awkward between us, or he wouldn't have even looked me in the eyes. So I thought it would still be possible... I always get my hopes up!

While we were having a drink Nikkita made me download tinder. She thought it would be hilarious. Now I am sitting up looking through tinder to see whats out there. Messaging her every couple of minutes asking her how I work it, Just like a nana with a new phone.... This shall be interesting.

Well I hope all this was just a dream and it would be funny to see if Greg messages me again! Somewhere inside of me I hope he does, just because I thought there was something! Maybe even a good friendship... Only time will tell!


Saturday, 7 March 2015

What even...

So now reading last nights post with a cheeky grin on my face!! It was a fabulous night!

Although for anyone who reads it will think all I did all night was be a tramp hooking up with a guy I kind of have a thing for! That wasn't all that happened. That must have just been the only thing going through my drunken brain at 5am this morning.

So I will recap everything about the night that I can remember,

First things first, I went to work for a drink, expecting to meet Mischael there. Sitting at the bar by myself, looking like a complete loser, I ask the new girl Becky for a STRONG vodka. While I was sipping on my beautifully made vodka soda lime, I heard a voice from the other end of the bar saying 'drinking again are we, do you ever go home?' Not really taking any notice I looked over, and there sitting with his flatmate was Greg. So starting to feel a little bit better about my night I moved to the other end of the bar where they were sitting, I joined them. After about five minutes Greg asked me what my favorite colour was, while I answered with yellow, he shouted out to Becky that we needed 3 yellow shots. She brang over vanilla galliano and tequila, being so early in the night I decided it was way too early for Tequila I made her sneakily leave the tequila out so I ended up having a shot of vanilla galliano while the two boys had a mixture. After singing a couple of songs and sitting outside in the freezing cold for a bit, I found myself downstairs near the basement with Greg, to be honest I thought it was just a joke, we were joking about going downstairs for a quickie, thinking its a joke I just thought I would play along.... I must say, he was very passionate, it felt like it was a movie scene, e had one hand on my waist, while he pulled me in he used his other hand to gently scrunch my hair and pull my face towards his, he looked into my eyes for a bit before he went in for the kiss. It was so cute. Me being as awkward as I am, was thinking the whole time, what the hell do I do with my hands, at this stage I started to slightly freak out. I managed to run one hand down into his back pocket, and the other one up to the back of his head. After this, we went upstairs and ad a couple more to drink.
Nikkita finally finished work, and Greg's flatmate decided to eave, which is good, he's a bit weird.
We had a couple of drinks with Nikkita and then somehow I ended up in the guys bathroom, don't know how I got there though haha. We went to start hooking up and then some guy walked in... AWKWARD! We went back to the bar, I decided I needed to pee. I went to the toilet, while I was drying my hands the bathroom door opens, thinking it was just some other chick needing to pee, I look over and nope, it was Greg. This is where the 50 shades came in... sorta, he pushed my back up to the wall, and grabbed my hands as our fingers locked together, he pushed them up above my head so I couldn't move them, he then kissed me softly from my lips, down my neck to my boobs, and back up again, I don't know how it was possible, but it felt like every second, we were getting closer and closer, I thought we were as close as we could get when he had me pinned up against the wall. After this, I left the bathroom first, to make it not look too suspicious, dumb move because everyone seen Greg come in to the girls bathroom. With the couple of spare minutes I had before he came back I quickly caught Nikkita up on what had just happened, we decided it was time to go in to town. After what thought to be an hour long walk, we ended up at the Ra Bar, while Greg was outside smoking, Nikkita and I were inside dancing our asses off. It was really cool, all three of us danced for what felt like for hours we ended up leaving, and trying to finding another open club, we ended up at Carousel, the lamest club in town! there were like ten people there! Although, it was 3am. While we were waiting at the bar for a drink, he came up behind me, nibbled on my ear, gave me a kiss on the neck and then he hugged me tight, so tight that I could feel his 'little friend' which was kinda hot! We sat down and started having our drinks, when he grabbed me by the hand, leading me to the bathrooms, leaving Nikkita awkwardly with two random guys! I turned around for like 2 seconds to lock the door, he had already started on my neck, which is why I had to check myself to see if I had any hickies this morning! haha, By the time I turned around he had his dick out! Not bad but shit he's quick! Didn't even hear him unzip his pants!
We were in there for what I thought was like two minutes, but Nikkita let me know it was more like ten! So may have blanked out somewhere, but I honestly have no idea! When the club shut we walked to Mc Donalds, so Nikkita could get her flatmate something to eat! While we were waiting in line, and waiting for her to get her meal, he was very cuddly and pretty much all over me. I didn't hate it! When we went to leave I went to catch a taxi home, where Greg said, just come back to mine. But I knew that wouldn't be a good idea, as I had to beat the sunrise home, and I only just did that as it is, If I had stayed there I wouldn't have been getting home til about now, 14 hours later!

When I got home to put my phone, which had been flat all night, on charge, My phone just went off. There were about 15 messages from him, and I was getting phone calls and everything. I fell asleep, and when I woke up there were messages and missed calls galore! It was hilarious. I later got a message from Nikkita asking if he showed up at mine. When I replied and said, no he never showed up and asked her why she thought that he was, she replied with... He said he was going to come and find you so you's could cuddle on the couch and watch movies, and that he could teach me how to play playstation. Thought that was a bit cute.

He messaged me this morning and said he hope I don't think he's a crazy stalker and asked me how I was feeling.

All in all it was a fantastic night, but lets hope next time, we do end up staying over.

I feel like I should be writing a dirty novel, and I am feeling like a bit of a tramp!


screwed up and spat out

So last night, I was stood up! I was looking so forward to going out with Mischael, and he let me down no text or nothing! Then tonight I messaged him and told him I would be at work for a couple of drinks if he was keen... no reply, no surprise!
When I was there I seen Greg, 6 hours later and we just said goodbye! It was such a good night! Even though I got stood up by someone I thought was a close friend, I found another one! 

I think he might possibly have feelings for me too. He took me downstairs at work and went to hook up with me, we also hooked up in the Men's toilets, and then he went all 50 shades of grey with me in the girl's toilets, it was hot! Then we went into the octagon, where I met him in the bathrooms of Carousel where  by the time I got into the bathrooms he had his dick out! Must say it turned me on a bit, but like always I let the good things get away! And I chickened out and didn't screw him, which now I am kinda regretting. 

He is now trying to call me, but  I can't let him come to my parents house! awkward!!! 
Kat what do I do? xx


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Friday Night Antics!

So tonight, I think I might actually be going out. Not with the guys from work but with Mischael! This would be the first time in like 5 months that we have been out. He moved to Queenstown, so I never really get to see him anymore. I also think he became a bit distant when Nathan came over for Bex' 30th, because we were so close. No need to worry Mischael... Nathan is Gay!! Not even kidding. I wasn't allowed to say anything, because it was his secret not mine. But lets hope me messages me to say what time he is going out and where we are meeting. Will probably be work, for the fact it's cheaper and we know everything.

Let's just say I am pretty excited... The only thing I am not looking forward to, is if his friend Hannah comes, some people like her, but she isn't really a fan of mine! I am not sure why though, I haven't done anything to her, that I know of.

Tomorrow, will hopefully be my last day at the Robbie. Mixed emotions, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I am totally in love with Ellie Goulding's song Love me like you do. It makes me feel all tingly, butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face.

Until tomorrow,


Fox Force Five

So last night I went to the quiz night! It was awesome! Our team name was Fox Force Five! We came 4th! Not too bad considering last time KatDan quizzed we cam last! hahaha
I was in the team with Nikkita and a couple of her mates! They were really cool, and smart.
To celebrate not coming last, we stayed behind and had a few drinks. It was a really good night!
School tomorrow, I missed my class today because I was irresponsible and drank a bit too much but I was being responsible because I thought I was too intoxicated to drive.

Only realised today that I have exactly 2 weeks until I go to Australia. I can't wait, but at the same time I am stressing out! I have to complete every single assignment for this term before I go because I am away for so long! so while everyone gets 8 weeks to start and finish their assignments I get two! Hope all goes well. I need to pass this!

Whilst in Australia I will be staying with Kat and Mama, I can't wait. Hopefully there is a Bingo on the night I am there so we can go win some moolah! I never win, but you gotta be in it to win it.

Kat if you are reading this... research some Bingos!! haha it would be even better if they  had Bingo with beverages. xx


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Things can only get better

After I got yesterday's drama off my chest, I became a lot calmer and instantly happier... I don't know if it's because Kat calmed me down, or I could just say what ever I wanted to until my brain had no more words in it, or simply because an unexpected message could just brighten your day... or night.

So I just want to say thank you!

Thank you Kat, for listening to my dramas for hours and hours without telling me to shut the fuck up. Lol. Thank you for being my best friend and thank you for leaving everything and everyone you have in Australia, just to start an adventure with me. I promise to you, we will have the time of our lives. And I hope you find your public transport hottie!!

Thank you to my brain, for letting me bottle up all my problems and store them in you! Thank you for letting me hide the things I am too scared to say!

And finally, Thank you Greg! For staying up til 3am talking to me, out of the blue and pretty much about nothing, I think it was just what I needed to make my night that much better than it was.

Today I got a parking ticket! I don't even mind! I am off to get ready for my Quiz Night! It will be fun... I hope, but definatley not as fun as our KatDan sessions! Speaking of KatDan sessions, We should totally get high and do the quiz Kat! haha!


This and that!

So I went to work today, ready to quit. I was talking to Kat this morning, and she let me know how shit I am treated there and how close me and Jarrod used to be as friends, and now it feels like every time he talks to me he is just being a total wanker. I miss the old Jarrod! The one that used to ring up just to see what I was doing, and to tell me he spent all night at work watching home and away and shortland street with the locals because it was so quiet. Jarrod, if you ever read this, which I am hoping you wont, but if you ever do! Please change back to the old Jarrod. Please don't think I hate you in any way, shape or form, or that I am being the wanker, because I'm not, It just hurts me to think you aren't there for me anymore.
Anywho! I never ended up talking to him because he was a little bit preoccupied. So I sent him a message, and I never quit. In this message I told him that I basically don't want to come back until I get back from Australia. Honestly, I am not sure what I want to do at all. like most of me wants to quit because I hate going to work feeling disrespected and like I am only there because they have no one else. We should treat each other like family, like what we are, what we were. I used to love going to work to see everyone, and to catch up with all the news, I used to like going in an hour early just to chill out with everyone, I used to like staying behind and having a beer after work, and now I can't wait to see the door close at the end of my shift. Now I feel like I am just a number, I don't even feel human.
The other part of me still loves my job, I love the people I work with, we are family and even families have their fair shares  of ups and downs. I am just so stuck with what to do.
I can almost guarantee I will get an abusive phone call tomorrow morning asking why I let Antony take the key home, I didn't let him, he took it, without me knowing. But I bet you I will still get into shit for it.

Tonight once we finished work Antony, Nikkita and I went over to The Bog for a drink, I only had a Lemon Lime and Bitters because I had to drive, so I missed out on a lovely ice cold beer. It was cool. Nikkita and I have decided we will go to quiz night tomorrow... that will be interesting, but I can tell you right now that it would not be as fun as it was when KatDan were quizzing it. But it should be an interesting night. I will make sure I update you tomorrow.

While we were over at The Bog, I ran into Greg. If you don't remember who Greg is, he is the guy that took over my bar on Sunday night and made me shots and drinks because it looked like I was stressed to the max! We got really, really drunk and had a really good night. Anyway, I ran in to him and we have been messaging each other all night, I am thinking I am starting to get a little school girls crush on him.I don't know why though. Don't get me wrong, he is pretty cute, and a lovely person I just don't know why. Is it because I feel lonely? I haven't got a clue... I don't feel lonely, is that why? I am so confused. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. It just seems these days, as soon as I get my hopes up, something finds it's way to let me down.
I have two perfect examples,
Example one,
Mischael! We got on so well, we wouldn't go an hour without talking to each other, I have no idea what happened, but I never see him anymore, and I hardly hear from him at all. everyone thought we were, or would get together, he used to come all the way into town while I was at work just to see m,e, and just to see how my day was going, now I go weeks without him speaking to me and when I message it would be a shock for me to get a reply from him. I miss him so much! He was the reason I went out, and became a bit more social. He was my first new friend here, he showed me it's fun to go out get really drunk and watch the same episode of breaking bad 100 times before we got sick of it.

Example two,
Nathan! He promised me he would come down to Adelaide and pick me up when I go over in a couple of weeks. He is my best friend, and when he promised me, I thought he meant it. I was so excited for him to come and get me, and we were supposed to have the whole weekend in Adelaide before we went back to Roxby. If you know what we were like, we were basically inseperable. Wherever I was, he was. Wherever he was, I was. That's just the way it was. Then he told my little brother a week ago, that he wasn't coming to get me and waited until today to tell me. What would have happened if I had decided to get a hotel? What would have happened if I had made plans for us to go places and do cool things? It just feels like I am putting a whole lot of effort into something he doesn't even care about anymore. It's just little things like that, that hurt me alot. It affects me. I hate how it does, but I can't help it. Like it absolutley broke my heart when he wrote in my 21st book andd all he wrote was Hi <3 Tui I actually cried.

I just get to the point in thinking what is the use of trying? It all seems to blow up in my face one way or another. I really hate being in these kinds of moods. All I want to do now is watch a sad movie like Charlie St Cloud or Remember Me, even though it will make me cry like a baby and feel even worse about myself. When I should be watching something I love that makes me laugh so hard like Just Go With It.

So while I was styping this feeling sad, lonley and depressed I got a message from Greg, It made me smile, it was a stupid little message, didn't mean much, but it feels really nice having someone message you first for a change.

Current mood -- Tingly now!

Might go watch Just Go With It.



Monday, 2 March 2015


I am so confused! I need to grow up and move up in my career. I want to quit my job at The Robbie Burns Pub. Ever since my boss Vic left, I feel as if it's gone downhill. They don't treat me like they should. They are the most lazy people I have ever worked with. On Sunday I had to work with the 2 new girls we have. Nikkita is awesome, but we got another one on Sunday. Her name is Becky and apparently she was Miss Otago. So as you could probably tell, Jarrod hired her for the looks. She is the most lazy and annoying person I have ever worked with... and I have worked with Tania. haha
Anyways, She is there for probably five minutes and ask when she finishes. Then, she was asked to do some fries, she didn't do it until I asked her again 15 minutes later! She didn't want to get her hands dirty. So that was stressful enough, Then Antony decided to come in and be nothing but a cockhead! Trying to tell me to change the music as if he ran the place. Because him and the owners son doesn't like the music I was playing. Well let me tell you something... It was better than the bullshit that you wanted me to play. I usually just give in and let him choose. But I thought, NO! That is why I get treated like shit! Because I let them. I took a stand and didn't change it! He then went home in a sooky, but WHO GIVES A SHIT!

As the night got later and everyone started to leave, me, Nikkita and Greg, he's from The Bog, decided  it would be a nice night to get wasted! We got so very drunk, to the point where Nikkita was playing the drums and Greg and I were trying to waltz and pole dance, I feel sorry for anyone who tries to watch the security footage. I was expecting to be yelled at by Jarrod for something, but I have the upper hand. He was storing weed at work in the phone box, as on Friday he smoked weed with some of the band members. So I think I am pretty safe.

I really love working there, but I hate how I get treated. I don't know what to do! What if I quit and can't find another job that is as good, or as fun, or I don't get as much freedom, or discount haha.
I feel as if I am stuck between a rock and a hard place... If someone could please tell me how to live my life... that would be great. I was thinking maybe I should find a job before I quit, but no one will hire me knowing I am going away for a month in two weeks..

KAT! I know you are probably the only one reading this so tell me what to do! haha