Sunday, 22 February 2015

You know what pisses me off?
It pisses my off when I get yelled at for not calling or texting someone, when I did! Then I text to see when I work next, and don't get a text back. Maybe that is why I have to ask someone else you cockhead! Why should I have to call or message when he doesn't bother to message back or answer the phone? You are supposed to be my boss, not someone who thinks he is bulletproof and if he doesn't like the question or just feels like being a wanker he doesn't answer. What kind of boss does that? It is even worse because there is only me and him that are managers, so I have no one else to call on or no one to go higher up for help that I might need. I am sick for a couple of days, but that makes me the worse person! I could come and throw up all over the bar, get a little vomit in someones drink, give it to the other people I work with so there is even less of us to work? Oh that wouldn't bother you, because that means you don't have to work. As long as you only work the days you have to that's fine. Ever heard of taking one for the team? Yeah, That's what I do for you pretty much every time we work together. When you need to do something, or take your girlfriend somewhere because she is too young to drive. Even though you should be working. I come in two hours early for my shift, feeling like crap just so you can go get KFC for dinner. Well you can kiss that goodbye. I will never do anything for you that I don't have to now! I won't be covering your shifts, I won't be coming in early, I won't run and buy you cigarettes when you are running late, I won't be hiding things from the owners that you were not supposed to buy. I am taking a stand. You can see how good I was to you, and regret it. You can see how much of a bitch I can be!
You don't message me back about if I work tomorrow or not, I won't show up!
Peace out homie!

D x

Friday, 20 February 2015

When one door closes, another one opens!

"When one door closes, another opens"

I don't get how this quote is true. It might just be because I am having a bad week, but I just don't get it.
For example; One of the most amazing bosses I have ever had got fired, one of the guys who I thought were one of my close mates took over from him. But he has just turned in to a major douche! He is just rude! It makes me feel as if I don't want to work there anymore. Like today, a real cool chick came and handed in her resume, and people here put photos of themselves on their resume so that the managers can remember who that person was, which is handy, especially in bar work as you are always getting new resumes in. But he takes a look at her photo and says that she is too fat to work there and that we don't have any shirts big enough for her, and that he could get her a tarp and make her wear that. I think that is nothing but cruel. Pure bullying! People kill themselves for things like that. Fortunately, she didn't hear what he said, but still that's horrible. When is the other door going to open? How can we get something better, when I feel like we are going downhill? I used to love going to work, but now, I dread going to work, and being made feel like shit. I shouldn't have to do that! I shouldn't have to work my ass off with bully's, for minimum wage, well what feels like minimum wage, just to make ends meet. I was thinking, they need me more than I need them. There is only myself and Jarrod with managers certificates. If I left, they would be in the shit! But I can't really do anything about it until I get back from Australia, as I need to get a new job but no one will hire me knowing I am away for a month so I will have to wait until I get back.

Another example for this quote; I got told on Thursday that my cousin is very unwell. We knew she was unwell, but she was looking so well lately and now she is going downhill fast! We were told that the doctors said that if she doesn't keep up with the chemo, she only has about 2 weeks to live! What would be the open door for this? I can not possibly imagine what good thing would come out of such a horrible thing! She will never get to see her kids get old, she will never see their kids, and she will never be there for their weddings, she won't be able to see her youngest finish school, or start university. I am finding it really hard to find the positive. She won't be there for birthdays, Christmases, or even family holidays. Her kids can't just pop around and see their mum when they want some advice. The kids won't have their mum, Her husband wont have his wife, we wont have our cousin and her parents wont have their daughter. I couldn't imagine losing my mum. I don't know what I would do. It's hard enough we know we are going to lose our cousin, I couldn't even imagine what her husband and kids are going through. Life is cruel.

On a positive note though, Mum is going crazy trying to get ready for when Kat gets home. She is sorting her room, and she went crazy at the shop today! she even brought her a money box! I can feel she will be the favorite haha. So I better use the days that I am the only child very wisely.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

It's Been A While.

Well! What was supposed to be the best O-Week of my life, turned out to be something not so great.

Monday; I went into Polytech for my first day, to find out that I wasn't supposed to be there. Then I turns out I was supposed to be there. But I never ended up going because of the lack of communication at the school.

I then headed off to work, which was fine. Was closed up by 8:30pm. Then my friend Antony from work messaged to see if I was keen to have a beer in the Octagon (Main part of town where all the bars are.) Which sounded cool, and with it being O-week I thought why not, I never go out. About 8 hours later after being to several bars, a couple of house/ street party's and sitting on the roof of Antony's apartment I stumbled home. I am pretty sure I fell asleep in the Taxi on the way home. Other than that it was a good night.

Tuesday; I woke up fine, went to drop mum off at work at 12pm and realised my keys were in my handbag, I left my handbag at Antony's. So dad had to come and get her. I was fine until 2pm and threw up everywhere. It was horrible, I realised that I got Gastro. I had to call in sick to work, which was even worse. All I could do was sleep.

Wednesday; Still feeling queasy as, I did my daily jobs and then got a phone call to say that Aurora needed picked up early from school as she has chicken pox. Poor little sausage. She had Gastro too. She wasn't having a good week either.

I realised that I didn't have chicken pox when I was younger. We thought that the Gastro was it, but t was the beginning of chicken pox. Turns out I now have them too.

Thursday; I went to work at 6pm because that was when I thought I started, Still feeling like crap, once I got there I realised that I didn't start til 8pm. Then Jarrod and Antony were laughing at me calling me Poxy, and telling me that I wouldn't be able to go on my holiday because they would put me in quarantine for 60 days. So not funny! I went home at 11:30pm

Today, I was awoken by Aurora telling me that breakfast was ready. She has been staying here while she has the chicken pox. I cleaned Chester's cage out, and made a beautiful Caesar Salad for dinner, gave Aurora a bath and now she is in bed while I am upstairs writing this and watching John Tucker Must Die. I love this movie. Not a bad way to end the week.

Off to work tomorrow and Sunday, Then off to school for my First real day on Monday.

Have a good weekend my loves!


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Great Times With Great People!

So today I went to church! For the first time in my life, I went to church.
I am so proud of myself. I absolutely LOVED it! It is such an amazing environment to be in. I was treated like family by a room full of people I didn't know. They are now my family too. My cousins Brad and Jackie go there, Usually Brad sings. Today was his day off. But honestly, it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I will totally be going back there next week, and every week after that.

Tonight none of us could decide what to have for dinner, so we rang Bex and decided to have a potluck dinner party, Everyone had to make a dish. We did a masterchef kind of thing and we had two hours to cook thee meal. And after dinner we scored each dish, it was fun. I decided to make Bang bang chicken salad. It was amazing, Mum made a chilli chicken pasta dish, Dad made a lamb, chilli and lime stir fry, Bex made kumara salad, and nana decided she would buy a hot chicken and coleslaw. So Nana was automatically disqualified for the lack of effort put in. I actually won the game. This was quite unusual because I thought it was an odd dish to win, it was beautiful though. It was a great dinner party, and the kids loved it.
After dinner me, mum and Bex went to Bex new friend, Stacey's house, she is a Tupperware rep and had a whole lot of stuff for us to look at. I got a couple of lunch containers and a new drink bottle that will hopefully be here before I start school.

I am hoping that my course related costs will be in my account when I wake up so I can get shopping and fully ready for school to start. I am super excited and probably wont be able to sleep tonight. You are supposed to get it 14 days before you start, and tomorrow is 14 days away. EXCITING!