Saturday, 7 March 2015

What even...

So now reading last nights post with a cheeky grin on my face!! It was a fabulous night!

Although for anyone who reads it will think all I did all night was be a tramp hooking up with a guy I kind of have a thing for! That wasn't all that happened. That must have just been the only thing going through my drunken brain at 5am this morning.

So I will recap everything about the night that I can remember,

First things first, I went to work for a drink, expecting to meet Mischael there. Sitting at the bar by myself, looking like a complete loser, I ask the new girl Becky for a STRONG vodka. While I was sipping on my beautifully made vodka soda lime, I heard a voice from the other end of the bar saying 'drinking again are we, do you ever go home?' Not really taking any notice I looked over, and there sitting with his flatmate was Greg. So starting to feel a little bit better about my night I moved to the other end of the bar where they were sitting, I joined them. After about five minutes Greg asked me what my favorite colour was, while I answered with yellow, he shouted out to Becky that we needed 3 yellow shots. She brang over vanilla galliano and tequila, being so early in the night I decided it was way too early for Tequila I made her sneakily leave the tequila out so I ended up having a shot of vanilla galliano while the two boys had a mixture. After singing a couple of songs and sitting outside in the freezing cold for a bit, I found myself downstairs near the basement with Greg, to be honest I thought it was just a joke, we were joking about going downstairs for a quickie, thinking its a joke I just thought I would play along.... I must say, he was very passionate, it felt like it was a movie scene, e had one hand on my waist, while he pulled me in he used his other hand to gently scrunch my hair and pull my face towards his, he looked into my eyes for a bit before he went in for the kiss. It was so cute. Me being as awkward as I am, was thinking the whole time, what the hell do I do with my hands, at this stage I started to slightly freak out. I managed to run one hand down into his back pocket, and the other one up to the back of his head. After this, we went upstairs and ad a couple more to drink.
Nikkita finally finished work, and Greg's flatmate decided to eave, which is good, he's a bit weird.
We had a couple of drinks with Nikkita and then somehow I ended up in the guys bathroom, don't know how I got there though haha. We went to start hooking up and then some guy walked in... AWKWARD! We went back to the bar, I decided I needed to pee. I went to the toilet, while I was drying my hands the bathroom door opens, thinking it was just some other chick needing to pee, I look over and nope, it was Greg. This is where the 50 shades came in... sorta, he pushed my back up to the wall, and grabbed my hands as our fingers locked together, he pushed them up above my head so I couldn't move them, he then kissed me softly from my lips, down my neck to my boobs, and back up again, I don't know how it was possible, but it felt like every second, we were getting closer and closer, I thought we were as close as we could get when he had me pinned up against the wall. After this, I left the bathroom first, to make it not look too suspicious, dumb move because everyone seen Greg come in to the girls bathroom. With the couple of spare minutes I had before he came back I quickly caught Nikkita up on what had just happened, we decided it was time to go in to town. After what thought to be an hour long walk, we ended up at the Ra Bar, while Greg was outside smoking, Nikkita and I were inside dancing our asses off. It was really cool, all three of us danced for what felt like for hours we ended up leaving, and trying to finding another open club, we ended up at Carousel, the lamest club in town! there were like ten people there! Although, it was 3am. While we were waiting at the bar for a drink, he came up behind me, nibbled on my ear, gave me a kiss on the neck and then he hugged me tight, so tight that I could feel his 'little friend' which was kinda hot! We sat down and started having our drinks, when he grabbed me by the hand, leading me to the bathrooms, leaving Nikkita awkwardly with two random guys! I turned around for like 2 seconds to lock the door, he had already started on my neck, which is why I had to check myself to see if I had any hickies this morning! haha, By the time I turned around he had his dick out! Not bad but shit he's quick! Didn't even hear him unzip his pants!
We were in there for what I thought was like two minutes, but Nikkita let me know it was more like ten! So may have blanked out somewhere, but I honestly have no idea! When the club shut we walked to Mc Donalds, so Nikkita could get her flatmate something to eat! While we were waiting in line, and waiting for her to get her meal, he was very cuddly and pretty much all over me. I didn't hate it! When we went to leave I went to catch a taxi home, where Greg said, just come back to mine. But I knew that wouldn't be a good idea, as I had to beat the sunrise home, and I only just did that as it is, If I had stayed there I wouldn't have been getting home til about now, 14 hours later!

When I got home to put my phone, which had been flat all night, on charge, My phone just went off. There were about 15 messages from him, and I was getting phone calls and everything. I fell asleep, and when I woke up there were messages and missed calls galore! It was hilarious. I later got a message from Nikkita asking if he showed up at mine. When I replied and said, no he never showed up and asked her why she thought that he was, she replied with... He said he was going to come and find you so you's could cuddle on the couch and watch movies, and that he could teach me how to play playstation. Thought that was a bit cute.

He messaged me this morning and said he hope I don't think he's a crazy stalker and asked me how I was feeling.

All in all it was a fantastic night, but lets hope next time, we do end up staying over.

I feel like I should be writing a dirty novel, and I am feeling like a bit of a tramp!


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