Monday, 9 March 2015

Why do I fall so fast?

So at about 5.30pm tonight Nikkita and I decided it would be a good idea to go to the quiz night at the Bog. Because we find fun in it, and so I could have a little perve on Greg.

Hoping it wouldn't be awkward when we seen each other face to face, I went in and ordered our first drinks. Me being awkward, as per usual, and not making eye contact or anything. Even though he wasn't serving me. As the night went on, I went up to the bar for another Vodka. This time the same guy served me, but Greg was in the bar, when he seen me, he said hi, and all I could come out with was sup? Who the fuck does that?? That's right... ME! As we got further into the night, with a full bar of people, I squeezed my way up to get a drink, this time Greg served me. He charged me staff price, which was good because none of the other cunts were. When he handed me the drinks he was like there you go my lady. Which made me smile a bit. But little did I know, This was as good as my night was going to get. After loosing quiz to a group that left half way through, and after everyone had started to leave, some pretty blonde chick stood at the table that Greg was clearing talking to him. I thought yeah, that's cool. You know, he works at a pub, he has to be friendly to everyone. He then went to get his jacket, and the proceeded to go outside with her, I was like sweet as, probably a mate. Then as they were walking down the hallway he grabs her from behind and I am pretty sure squeezes her ass a bit too. This made me feel like a complete wanker. Like, he was drunk on the weekend, why would I think it was anything? Why, if he has a girlfriend, would he still message me and snapchat me and why would have he tried so hard on saturday night to get me?

While I was washing my hands, even though I was fuming, was I wrong to hope that the girls room door would open and it would be him? Was I wrong to hope he would pick up from where he left off on saturday? Things obviously weren't that awkward between us, or he wouldn't have even looked me in the eyes. So I thought it would still be possible... I always get my hopes up!

While we were having a drink Nikkita made me download tinder. She thought it would be hilarious. Now I am sitting up looking through tinder to see whats out there. Messaging her every couple of minutes asking her how I work it, Just like a nana with a new phone.... This shall be interesting.

Well I hope all this was just a dream and it would be funny to see if Greg messages me again! Somewhere inside of me I hope he does, just because I thought there was something! Maybe even a good friendship... Only time will tell!


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