Saturday, 7 March 2015

screwed up and spat out

So last night, I was stood up! I was looking so forward to going out with Mischael, and he let me down no text or nothing! Then tonight I messaged him and told him I would be at work for a couple of drinks if he was keen... no reply, no surprise!
When I was there I seen Greg, 6 hours later and we just said goodbye! It was such a good night! Even though I got stood up by someone I thought was a close friend, I found another one! 

I think he might possibly have feelings for me too. He took me downstairs at work and went to hook up with me, we also hooked up in the Men's toilets, and then he went all 50 shades of grey with me in the girl's toilets, it was hot! Then we went into the octagon, where I met him in the bathrooms of Carousel where  by the time I got into the bathrooms he had his dick out! Must say it turned me on a bit, but like always I let the good things get away! And I chickened out and didn't screw him, which now I am kinda regretting. 

He is now trying to call me, but  I can't let him come to my parents house! awkward!!! 
Kat what do I do? xx


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