Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Greg

So yesterday, while I was sitting in the middle of a pile of washing, attempting to pack, I remembered that it was Wednesday. Wednesday means that it is quiz night at work. I called Nikkita and made sure we were still going. The answer was yes, I then forgot that I invited Jeffery from the Bog to come and be in our team. So we were pretty stoked that we had an extra person, and he was quite clever too. Then, Chris told us he was too hungover to be in our team. Well that wasn't going to end well. Anyways, when we got to work Jeffery was already there waiting for us, we would have been earlier but Kita had to try and roll her first joint. Haha it was classic. So we sat down at our table and Jeff asked if Greg was coming to quiz too. I thought he was working, when Jeff said that he had the day off and he messaged him. So along came Greg. He was really friendly. He hadn't even been drinking. So I was like well, shit is going to go down tonight. Let me tell you know. I wasn't wrong. Apparently Ants said to someone that last time we were drinking there together we fucked on the bar. When we questioned him about it he sooked out and was like nah that wasn't me. So we went along with it. Every time we looked at each other you could tell we were both thinking the same thing. I was talking to him and all of a sudden he was like right, I need to fuck you on this bar right now! Get up! Well this set me off. I laughed so hard, I almost pee'd myself. That would have been awkward. Then Mischael came in to say bye to me. I didn't actually think he would gave. I text him last night and said come catch up before I go, he was like CBK which usually means nah man, I would rather do anything else. But he actually came. We all played random drinking games. I can remember talking to everyone. Like the regulars and Tom the band guy and some randoms too. I felt popular haha.
Anyway me and Kita decided we should go downstairs out the back and get high... why the fuck not? YOLO... By the time I got back upstairs, Mischael was gone, no goodbye or anything. I tried to call him and he declined my call twice! I was like sweet as. Suck a dick then.
We decided to go to town, probably not the smartest idea considering it was now 2am and I still hadn't packed a thing. So we go to the Craic. have a drink there and then Jeff got real drunk fell on to someones table and almost got into a fight. So Greg's like you come with me and Jeff you go with Kita and we will go to Pop. We didn't even get half way down the stairs and Jeff decides to fall down the rest. So we get down there and ordered some drinks. Greg went to go outside for a smoke, he asked me to go with him. I was like sweet as, I thought he didn't want to sit outside by himself. As soon as we got outside, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me we should hang out more. I was like sweet as, I don't have a problem with that. So we sat outside for a bit before everyone else came out. we just sat on the couches outside, he sat there with his arm around me and I just kinda snuggled in. It was cute, it felt so right. Then when we went inside he did the whole surprise in the toilets again. This time I thought why the hell not? It's my last day for like a month. It would be a good going away present. Totally was. When it was time to leave, we walked up the stairs, it was raining, but we just stopped at the top of the stairs. He just started kissing me. When Antony and Gary walked up the stairs I got a bit freaked so I pulled away. He grabbed my head and just kept kissing me. I was like okay this won't be awkward next time I go into work. Antony was like okay guys come on now, the guys want to close up. So we left I started to head to the taxi stand so I could go home. I gave everyone a hug and went to cross the road, then all of a sudden Greg put his hands around me and was like you should just stay at mine? I said no because I had to go to pack, and this time I had 3 hours before I needed to leave for the airport. He was like atleast let me walk you to the taxi. So I did. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the alley, wasn't a creepy alley so it wasn't that bad. He pushed me up against the wall, in the pouring rain, grabbed my arms, so hard that I have a bruise and just kissed the shit out of me. He was really passionate. It was so hot. I didn't want to leave him. Once the little 50 shades moment was over, we walked to where the taxi was and he grabbed my phone. He went into my pictures. He changed my screensavers. the lock screen is a picture of him, kita and gary, when I asked why he saved that one he was like, so if any guys look at your phone you can say, thats my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend. I was like that is the cutest. Then he said unlock it, so I did and it was the first selfie we took together. It was so cute. He then opened the cab door for me gave me a little pash and said see ya when ya get back. When I got home I got a snapchat from him saying he missed me already haha I was like creeper. haha. I got home and tried to pack, pretty sure I forgot to pack underwear and I have no idea what I packed. So it will be a little surprise when I get to Australia. I am now sitting at Christchurch airport trying my hardest to stay awake.

Till Later


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