Saturday, 31 January 2015

Time To Try New Things!

So tomorrow is my day off. I NEVER get Sundays off! It is super unusual! Great though!

So I have decided to go to Church, not only because the song 'Take me to church' is awesome, but because it is something I have always wanted to do but from what I remember, I never have. My niece Aurora wants to go too. So I think it would be a good bonding activity.
If we don't like it we could always go to Maccas instead. 

I am thinking of going to Nations Church. I always drive past there and it looks lovely. Not only that my cousins go there. My cousin Brad sings there quite a bit, so it should be good.

Tonight, instead of going to Jesse (My Cousin) 21st party, I have decided to stay home and have an early one. I am turning into a nana. Hopefully that will change when Kat gets here. 


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