Monday, 19 January 2015

Lucky for some!

So today I found out that my dad won an hour worth of tattooing for free, and since he doesn't handle needles well, he is giving me the voucher. What an amazing gift! I have already planned what I want! I want something like the picture below but I want five little cupcakes. The cupcakes represent my passion towards baking and five of them because I want them to represent me and my four siblings.
Picture from pinterest
 Also, another thing to make me smile today was the fact that a young guy maybe in his early twenties was at the supermarket today. and I was not watching where I was going and bumped into him, he apologized even though it was my fault which was very sweet, and then when I was waiting in line to be served, this same man was infront of me and he let me go before him. It is the simple things like that that make ones day ten times better.

Anger is a horrible thing, and many people know that it is contagious. Have you ever been yelled at by someone?, a stranger, a teacher/ boss, a parent or a friend. When someone treats you like that it makes you feel that way and you end up taking it out on other people, whether you mean it or not. But I believe that a smile is contagious too. Have you ever seen the television show 'The Middle'? In one of the episodes Sue Heck does a project to see if smiling is contagious, Although it does not turn out for her, in real life it is! Smiling and laughing is the key to a happier you and a better life!

Seriously, how can this face not make you smile :)
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