Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Trying to be Macgyver... TRYING

So today I am making cakes because I was too lazy yesterday.
Without a craft knife I have to try and Macgyver my way round a dancer silhouette so I can make the icing that same picture, kind of like a stencil. I am useless enough with scissors as it is, but I need to make the icing exactly the same, Last year I made her a lolly cake. I will upload pic. But this year I wanted to personalize it more because she is a fantastic Aunt and deserves a fantastic cake. I will let you know how the cutting goes when I cut it. Fingers crossed it turns out good.

Anyways, yesterday I caught up with my cousin Johnny. I was helping him pick something for his mum for her birthday, that did not turn out too well as we could not decide on what to get her. We just ended up going to Mc Donalds and having afternoon tea. It was great. We never really used to hang out while we were growing up because I was in Australia, and when I left he was a bit of a douche. But now he is an amazing young man that has a bright future ahead of him, even though he is a freak and can remember like everyones car number plate. That kid had a great memory. But yeah, it was cool. It's days like that I am thankful to have such an amazing family.

I am going to my friend Kiri's house at 3pm today to get my eyebrows done and help her with her business advertisements, I used to work with her at the bottle store I used to work at before I started at the pub. She is great.
 This is last years birthday cake.

Right I am off to take mum to work and then go make some cakes and get my eyebrows done (youch) 

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