Monday, 19 January 2015

I Got Style... Kinda!

The other day me, my parents and my aunty went to Kurow to see my uncle and chop some firewood for the winter. Kurow is such a beautiful place, it is nice and sunny and in the winter it is like a winter wonderland with beautiful scenery.
Kurow New Zealand 

Anyway, what I was actually going to say was when me and my aunty were in the cafe waiting for our coffees, she told me that her youngest son Nic (14) wanted me to take him shopping for clothes instead of his mum because I have better taste than him. I am not sure whether he wants me to come so none of his friends see him and his mum shopping, or if he actually does think I have some sort of style. I thought that was amazing. He is a lovely boy and he will go far some day soon. He is a fantastic sportsman. 

This morning my sister messaged me to see if I wanted to come to the supermarket with her and her three daughters to do the groceries. Of course I said yes. It was good fun, unlike the other times we go and it is stressful. I took Bella (3) my middle niece while my sister took Aurora (5) and Allegra (1). While we were going around the supermarket Bella decided it would be a great idea to let me know everything she wanted, when I replied with "Thats cool Bella" she replied with " I guess I could wait for my birthday." I thought it was priceless. 
Now I am sitting at home with Allegra while the other girls are out at a play date. When we were having lunch Allegra went over to Nana Rua's plate and ate half of her sandwich and all her crusts before she had a chance to eat it herself. Gorgeous. 

Later on today I will be making two birthday cakes. One for Allegra as it is her 2nd birthday on Thursday and one for Raewyn as it is her birthday on Sunday, but I have to work so I will give it to her earlier. I will be sure to upload photos when they are finished. 

I  am off to watch Coronation Street with Allegra and Nana Rua now. 


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