Friday, 23 January 2015

Life is sweet...

So Yesterday, I did a whole lot of nothing. It was FANTASTIC! I took Allegra to the shop to change her birthday present! She chose a Doc McStuffins microphone! It is great! Then we went to the Beach and the park and had some lunch and got an ice block. What a great day. Today, I went to my sisters as soon as I woke up. We went to town and did some shopping. Then mum and dad came down and we are just about to have a barbeque for dinner. Dad and James are away fishing, Mum and the kids are watching Peppa Pig and Bex is outside starting the Barbeque up. Life is great.

 Raewyns cake turned out great! I will upload picture when I get home. (Not on my computer) We have had such beautiful weather.

If it is great tomorrow we might take the Jet Ski down to Henley for a blat for Raewyn's Birthday. Maybe take a Picnic.

I went up home to get Millie (My Dog) when I got home she wasn't there, which is unusual, as she never runs away. She obviously hear my brakes, as she ran down the street and into the car like a bat out of hell. She obviously decided it would be a good idea to go on an adventure. I will be sure to upload a picture of her too. She is kind of cute. But she is super hypo. I love her.

Well I am off to make a salad for dinner.


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