Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happiness is the key!

These last couple of weeks, even months on the news have been filled with bad news!
You hardly ever see the good stuff. And like the news, we also forget to let the good things
outweigh the bad.
In this blog I will be letting the good outweigh the bad. Even on my darkest days I will find
that one thing that kept me going all day! That one thing that made me smile whether it was
something amazing like getting a bunch of flowers or being taken out to lunch to a simple
smile or walk along the beach. We need to start saying I LOVE more than I hate.
The way to a positive life is to have a positive heart and a positive mind.

I was  driving down the street the other day, windows down music up, singing at the top of my lungs. There is something about doing that that makes me feel so alive. I LOVE doing that! I LOVE how that makes me feel!

Yesterday while I was at work (Even though Sundays are my least favorite day to work) I had four customers come in off a cruise ship and have a beer and some lunch. I LOVE the little chats we had. I LOVE how they asked ME for advice on where to go, and what I LOVED more was they liked my advice. I suggested for them to go some place and they went.

Last week at work, I had a couple come in, They had just been on the Cadbury World Tour. A Chocolate Factory. When they were at work we had a great chat, about nothing too big either. But when they left the gave me a chocolate and said it was lovely to meet me. I LOVED that. It made my Day! It is the simple things like that, that make you feel happy! They didn't have to leave me anything, they didn't even have to say goodbye, but they did.

In eight weeks I am off to Australia to see my sister as she is having a baby! I am super excited, not just to go over, but to come back home! When I leave Australia I get to bring my BEST FRIEND back with me! We are going to start our own adventure, here in New Zealand, but that may not be where our adventure ends, We will  save up and then travel. All we know we might end up back in Australia, we could stay in New Zealand or, we could end up somewhere we never thought we would be like the Greek Islands! I am so excited for this.
I am usually a worrier, I would never go out of my comfort zone! If someone asked me to go away, even for a weekend with them, I would automatically think of all the bad things that could happen, and then I would pass on the offer. But not anymore. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone! I am starting my life today! and I am never going to look back!


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