Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dear Future Husband...

Dear future husband,

Here's a few things you'll need to know,
(Yes I know that's part of a song but hey, it works)

I need you to say you love me, everyday, even if I am being a total cunt! Leave me cute little notes. The lamer they are the cuter I will think it is.
I need you to message or call me out of the blue just to see what I am doing. I will do the same for you.
You need to ask my parents for my hand in marriage, It is lame, and even though I know they will say yes, I have watched a few chick flicks and think it is the cutest. I don't mean message them, I mean go and see them, and if they are in another country, Skype them.
Give me space, don't be too clingy, let me go out for girls nights, let me go out drinking with my work mates, no need to worry because you will be the one I come home to every time. I will do the same for you. If we can't have our own lives we will turn into a grumpy old couple. No one wants that.
Take me on date nights, even if it is only once a month. Put the effort in, never stop wowing me. When I get dressed up, tell me I look beautiful. I will probably come back with something like you are such a gay cunt, but what I really mean is thank you.
You will need to laugh at my dad jokes and puns. You will need to accept I am a crazy cat lady! They are gorgeous, fluffy and cuddly. I just cant flaw them. My ideal husband would be a crazy cat ladyman but hey that's no biggie.
Don't be embarrassed to act like a fool in public with me. Don't be embarrassed when I cry through a movie. I am weird and will sit there and sob at the lamest part of a movie, feel free to cry with me. Haha. I am weird,  you will like it! Haha.
Speak your mind, if you don't like something, instead of getting angry, lets sort it out.
Remind me you aren't going to run away when times get hard.
Lets go away for the weekend or night, with no technology, play games and just chat.
Try and teach me something new, like snowboarding or ice skating. Even if I suck, suck with me. If I am cold, share your jacket with me. Ask me to be your plus one to weddings and events.
Surprise me with little things. Even if you just pick a flower out the garden, or bring me a coffee. It's the simple things in life. Listen to music with me, don't be afraid to sing along at the top of your lungs when we are in the car or even in public.
Just know that I am a geek and love watching Iron Man and other Marvel movies. It will not annoy you when I mouth the whole movie word for word, on my favorite movies.
Just know that when I watch some things or listen to some songs it makes me sooky and I just sit and sob or feel sorry for myself, call me a wanker and lets get on with it! There isn't anything wrong with me I just get so into the video or lyrics, and feel like I am living it, as I have said I am weird.
I will listen to some songs and sit there and smile like an idiot, remembering good times.
If I don't like someone, it doesn't mean you have to hate them, depending on who it is, it would probably be a good choice if you did! Haha. You should probably know that me and Kat come as a package deal, so we will be doing double dates, and games nights.
Don't say no when I want to play singstar, I can't sing but I love it, and it is hilarious.
Please don't say anything about me going drinking, even if I go out with my guy friends, I will always come back to you. You are the one I want, not them. Don't forget that!

Finally, Make me feel loved. I want to be doing something and when I look up I want you to be staring at me with a smile on your face. I am a creep so you know I will do that to you! When I walk down that isle, I hope the look on your face will say 'That's the most beautiful girl in the world and she's mine'.

I am old school. I prefer to stay in and play board games other than going to a fancy restaurant.


Your future wife

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