Thursday, 19 February 2015

It's Been A While.

Well! What was supposed to be the best O-Week of my life, turned out to be something not so great.

Monday; I went into Polytech for my first day, to find out that I wasn't supposed to be there. Then I turns out I was supposed to be there. But I never ended up going because of the lack of communication at the school.

I then headed off to work, which was fine. Was closed up by 8:30pm. Then my friend Antony from work messaged to see if I was keen to have a beer in the Octagon (Main part of town where all the bars are.) Which sounded cool, and with it being O-week I thought why not, I never go out. About 8 hours later after being to several bars, a couple of house/ street party's and sitting on the roof of Antony's apartment I stumbled home. I am pretty sure I fell asleep in the Taxi on the way home. Other than that it was a good night.

Tuesday; I woke up fine, went to drop mum off at work at 12pm and realised my keys were in my handbag, I left my handbag at Antony's. So dad had to come and get her. I was fine until 2pm and threw up everywhere. It was horrible, I realised that I got Gastro. I had to call in sick to work, which was even worse. All I could do was sleep.

Wednesday; Still feeling queasy as, I did my daily jobs and then got a phone call to say that Aurora needed picked up early from school as she has chicken pox. Poor little sausage. She had Gastro too. She wasn't having a good week either.

I realised that I didn't have chicken pox when I was younger. We thought that the Gastro was it, but t was the beginning of chicken pox. Turns out I now have them too.

Thursday; I went to work at 6pm because that was when I thought I started, Still feeling like crap, once I got there I realised that I didn't start til 8pm. Then Jarrod and Antony were laughing at me calling me Poxy, and telling me that I wouldn't be able to go on my holiday because they would put me in quarantine for 60 days. So not funny! I went home at 11:30pm

Today, I was awoken by Aurora telling me that breakfast was ready. She has been staying here while she has the chicken pox. I cleaned Chester's cage out, and made a beautiful Caesar Salad for dinner, gave Aurora a bath and now she is in bed while I am upstairs writing this and watching John Tucker Must Die. I love this movie. Not a bad way to end the week.

Off to work tomorrow and Sunday, Then off to school for my First real day on Monday.

Have a good weekend my loves!


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