Thursday, 4 May 2017

New me pt.2

Well where do I start? I really need to stop leaving it so long before I blog again!

Well it has been 5 months since the last time I posted on here.

We will start with work, I was enjoying it until now. Its not just me who feels like this either. Gerald the President of the Trotting club is the most horrible person I have ever met! He is a bully, not only to me, but my staff, he has even had my boss in tears. He thinks because he has money, he has the right to run the place, but soon enough he will find out that he isn't!

Ever since I have started he has wanted to get rid of me, so that his precious little wife Rose can take my job. Well to be quite honest with you, I don't even care anymore! She can have it! I am currently looking for something new, since my boss isn't working alongside us anymore (Gerald's doing) there aren't many places that would have a report in the incident report log that is about the President of the Trotting Club, but sure enough, we do! He treats everyone around him like disposable pieces of rubbish. I am sick of it an I am finally putting my foot down.

I have been offered a job in Naesby, at one of the hotels there. I think I might take it. Shane and I are going to have a look at what it is like up there on our next day off. Who is Shane you ask? Shane is the cute boy I work with that was mentioned in my last post. Well what an interesting 5 months we have had! we got super close and then didn't talk for a bit and now we are better than ever! we have decided that we are only young once, so we are moving to Adelaide in August. It is a huge move for the both of us, but because we know we have each other we know that we will be sweet. I am so excited! I am also freaking out, but its not an adventure if it isn't scary right?

I found out that my oldest brother Richard, and his girlfriend Jess are due to have a baby girl in June, so that's exciting, I will be over in July to meet her and then come back for a week and then move over with Shane. Ebby is due to have my nephew in July which will be awesome too.

Since I work at the racecourse, the TAB come in on race nights to change the totes and that over, which is cool. I have met the coolest guy doing so. His name is Scott, he is a bit of a geek and a few years older than me, and he has a son. But race nights are my favourite nights :)

My sister and her husband are now split. She is now with someone my age, and James is doing his best to have the girls. She is useless. I am more of a mother to the kids than she is. But hey, life goes on. James is doing a great job and I will be there when he need help.

Speaking of kids, I recently found out that I can't have children, which absolutely shattered my dreams, but as I said before, Life goes on, and everything happens for a reason. I have only told one person, and that was Sammy, one of my best friends that I work with here. I haven't even told my parents, and I don't want to. What if they think I am a failure? Wouldn't it just be easier saying I don't want kids?

But yeah, other than that it's getting pretty exciting! I can't wait to start my new adventure with Shane.


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