Sunday, 6 November 2016

New Me

Well... So much has happened since the last time I posted on this site. I am not quite sure where to start,

In May I was offered a new job as a Bar Manager, and after careful consideration, I decided to take it. It was honestly the best think I have ever done for myself. I handed my notice in at the Robbie and moved on, and haven't looked back since.

During this time I had the most amazing birthday, my sister Ebby, her fiance Jock and their beautiful daughter Sophia came over for a holiday and for my birthday. I miss them so much. I started my job while they were here. On my first day I was super nervous. I felt as though I would be the odd one out as everyone kind of knew each other prior to me starting. But sure enough Ebby told me that I would do fine and I did. I came straight back to the hotel after work and told them all about my day. From the regulars to the cute boy I met that I worked with.

Five months later and I am still loving it. We are a family there. It is fantastic. As for the boy, I am not 100% sure on what we are. He is the most caring and adorable guy I know. We have gotten very close which I love. We have been away to Queenstown together, and have been talking about going up to Blenheim for the weekend at some stage in the near future. I don't really think either of us know what we are up to. One thing me and everyone else around me knows is that we both really like each other. But I think we are both too scared to do anything about it because we work together and if something goes wrong it would be awkward. But I do hope to get closer to him. He is the first person I have felt completely comfortable around, and he has also seen me without make up and I didn't feel ugly. Which is a big thing in this day and age. Another plus is he has met my crazy family and he likes them, and they all love him. I have told him secrets I haven't told anyone else. He has done the same to me.

My sister Bex..
Where do I start here? I have no idea what she is doing with her life!!!  She is throwing it away!
She has a beautiful family and she thinks it is better to just go and throw it away! She is on Tinder, meeting up with boys, stalking boys and quite frankly being a skank! She thinks it is great.
She has lost her real friends and most of her family over it. I haven't heard from her for nearly two months now. And to be honest, I don't even miss her. I am finally living my life how I should be, not revolving it around her.
I now have my own house, amazing friends a great social life, and no not the go out and get drunk all the time, but like a go to play golf kind of way and I don't think I could get any happier,

A couple of my work mates are here for a cuppa now.
Will write again soon

Peace out

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